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In order to provide property valuation advice in today’s complex economic environment, a Chartered Surveyor must also be a RICS Registered Valuer.

Why use an RICS Registered Valuer?

Property valuation matters to us all. Valuations underpin nearly all financial decisions from home mortgages to major investment. Valuations play an important role in the move to converge the world's accounting standards under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In short, all those who occupy, own, develop, trade or lend on tangible and intangible assets (e.g. property) in today’s global markets, rely on competent and impartial valuers.

Aitchison Raffety are able to undertake valuations on all types of residential property, including pre-purchase valuation advice and valuations for mortgage purposes, probate, matrimonial division, expert witness and tax purposes.

  • Aitchison Raffety is a RICS Regulated Firm and all of our valuers are RICS Registered Valuers.

  • Our team of RICS Registered Valuers is made up of experienced Chartered Surveyors and as such, we provide you with the highest level of professional and impartial property valuation advice.

  • We deal extensively with residential property throughout London, Southern and Central England from our local offices, all our valuers operate within defined areas and therefore have the detailed local knowledge required.

  • Collectively our team of valuers have over a thousand years of property valuation experience.
Please contact us to discuss your valuation requirements, to obtain a personalised quotation.

For commercial property, specialist property types and trade related valuations Aitchison Raffety also provide a national service. For more details on non-residential property valuations please follow this link - Commercial Valuations