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Snagging Reports

Snagging reports are more correctly termed as Schedules of Outstanding Works. The term ‘snagging report’ has developed as part of traditional building contract procedure where money is retained until the Schedule of Outstanding works is completed. The important difference when purchasing a new house is that retentions from the purchase price are extremely rare.

Snagging reports are therefore of great value prior to purchase and can also be valuable during the two years following purchase.

We offer services for both purchasers of new build or newly refurbished homes and developers. We recommend that:

  1. A Schedule of Outstanding Works is prepared by a Chartered Surveyor at exchange of contracts.

  2. Completion of the purchase then becomes dependent upon completion of the works contained within the Schedule.

  3. If completion of the purchase has to proceed before all works have been completed then part of the purchase price should be retained until works have been completed to the surveyor’s satisfaction.

If you have already purchased a new build property and are in your first two years of ownership and have noticed defects we recommend that a Chartered Surveyor is instructed to prepare a snagging list and represent you in driving forward the process whereby defects are corrected by dealing with the developer and/or the insurance company.
  • Our Chartered Building Surveyors inspect the property in detail both internally and externally, covering every room, accessible roof spaces, garages, outbuildings and grounds.

  • We produce detailed Schedules of Outstanding Works (‘snagging reports’) which should be carried out by the developer prior to completion of the purchase.

  • We also offer the service of conducting a final inspection prior to purchase completion to confirm that all works have been carried out satisfactorily.

  • If our client wishes to complete their purchase prior to the works being completed we would recommend that a sum of money be retained from the purchase price. As all our Chartered Building Surveyors are also RICS Registered Valuers they are suitably qualified to assess a suitable sum.

  • We provide similar services for purchasers who have already purchased a premises and act on their behalf to negotiate with the developer and/or insurance company to agree a satisfactory settlement.