Commercial Agency - Acquisition

Mark Bunting
Director - Head of Division
01727 843232

The search for new property is a time consuming process often frustrated by the difficulty in finding suitable premises, or finding that another party has secured the ideal property before you even heard of it being available. Managers of businesses are usually more than busy enough running the existing operation without the additional burden of seeking new premises. Acquiring new premises also involves a mind boggling array of potential pitfalls together with the crucial question of whether or not you are getting the best deal.

Does all this sound familiar - why not let Aitchison Raffety help?

We can offer:

  • Rapid access to every agent in UK via internet and postal based subscriptions
  • Ability to access information on all available properties
  • Ability to ask 'the right questions' to avoid wasted time and visits
  • Presentation of information in easily comparable report format
  • In depth market overview ensures that we can obtain the best possible deals
  • Wide experience in property transactions ensures that risks are minimised
  • Ability to liaise with solicitors to ensure as rapid progress as possible
  • Access to a wide range of finance sources

We can offer either:

  • A Full Search And Acquisition Service ; a proactive service to actively find you suitable premises on the best possible terms.
  • An Introductory Service; a less proactive service which allows us to advise you of the availability of potentially suitable premises which we are not marketing based on a success only fee.