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Display Energy Certificates

A DEC is a legal requirement when a building is occupied by a PUBLIC AUTHORITY or an INSTITUTION that provides a PUBLIC SERVICE, one that is traditionally provided by local or national government, or is traditionally funded by the taxpayer. Furthermore, in determining whether an institution is providing a public service, if local or central government PLAN or FUND the provision of the service a DEC is required.

If you are an OCCUPIER of a building requiring a DEC, you will need to display the Certificate, in a place clearly visible to the public. The OCCUPIER must also have in their possession or control a valid ADVISORY REPORT.

A DEC shows the actual energy usage and asset rating for the building/area of the building concerned.

The ADVISORY REPORT that follows the production of a DEC is fairly basic in format and recommendations. If full energy audit/recommendations for subsequent improvements are considered necessary, a more detailed report would be necessary by a suitably qualified person.

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